Other activities

Powerfan and Quick Jump

The Powerfan Jump  and the Quick Jump.  Leap into the void from a platform situated 13 meters high.

A parc operator will  equiped you with a helmet, an integral harness for the Powerfan jump, and gives you instructions related to this activity. Quick jump jump is accomplished with your climbing harness.

These  jumps are  patented systems that offer  a true sensation of falling; jumps of course is completely safe.  You are gradually bought to a stop at the last few meters for a smooth controlled landing with no jolts, jerking or rebound movements. It is a totally different experience from bungee jumping.

These thrilling activities are for everyone: Bachelor and hen parties, group or corporate challenges and for personal achievement.

You will climb alone onto the platform via a fixed ladder. The Powerfan system is also a safety net during your climb.

Once on the platform you will jump into the void. During the fall you will experience a moment of great pleasure and a sensation of personal achievement and growth… And for some, a moment of pure solitude. Once on the ground these same emotions will return with a new feeling of excitement and exhilaration, which leaves everyone with a sense of pride for their accomplishments.

Access conditions: You need to weight between 30 and 95 kilograms. You should not be pregnant or suffer from heart disease or back problems.

Powerfan : from 30 kilograms

Quick Jump : from 12 years old

Climbing walls

From 4/5 years old

Mountain scooters

Authorized age: 10 years accompanied by an adult

Authorized age : 16 years without adult supervision