The valley of the ziplines

This exciting attraction is the first of its kind in Switzerland 

The course will boast eleven  long zip lines, some over 300 meter in length, with a vertical drop of 400 meters. This scenic  journey commencing from Vounetz and ending at the middle station and takes about 2hrs.  The  course is open to everyone over the age of 10-11  years with a body weight of miminum 30 kg  and is always accompanied by a Charmey Aventures supervisor. 

Over 2 hours of slides and walks in a wild and preserved Fribourg pre-Alps place.

3  departures per day  from the adventure park which is located at the first stop of the cable car at the middle station : 11.00 a.m only for groups between 10/14 people, 1.00 p.m  and 3.00 p.m for individual (couples, families, friends).

Depending on the season, the number of departures and/or schedules may change.

It's imperative that taking tickets at the Rapido Sky cable car in Charmey is perfomed at least 30 minutes before scheduled departures. This group activity requires the ponctuallity of all the participants and no departure will be delayed.

Reservations required preferably by email with the day and the time departure chosen, the number of participants and your Natel number. No reservation will be taken if no Natel number is given.

Be sure to come with good shoes and pants

To know the possible  places the day we are, contact us at 079 693 44 77

Availability of the Ziplines Valleyfrom June 16 untill July 1from July 6 untill August 26from August 27 untill Oktober 14
week ends, holidaysyesyesyes