SOA is a professional association affiliated with qualified providers in the outdoors and adventure field in Switzerland. Charmey adventures is a member of the SOA and all our operators and park managers have all been trained under this organization.

For more information: swissoutdoorassociation (no english language available)

All our equipment is produced by Petzl , Cilao und S.B.E (rollers) manufacturers of equipment specifically designed for adventure parks.  

your safety in our high rope park:

  • we will be in charge of the adjustmenting and tightening of your belt.
  • you must partake in the safety instructions and demonstrations on how to use the equipment. Please listen very carefully as your safety is our priority.
  • please respect the minimum age limits for each course as the age limits are in place for everyone’s safety.
  •  maximum 3 people on a platform at one time.
  •  only 1 person is allowed at a time on each activity Do not leave your platform until the person ahead of you has completed that part of the course and is safely on the next platform. Your presence on the same activity at the same time as someone else could disturb and disrupt them.
  •  only 1 person per zip line at a time. It is forbidden to shake the zip line cables to scare your friends who may be currently on the course. 
  • our Supervisors and adventure park operators will continuously monitor your safety and security during your activities in the park so it is important for you to always comply with their instructions. They will advise and help you during your activities and are trained and authorized to carry out rescues, regardless of the location and nature of your situation.           view the courses